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Erasmus+ - 19th September
On 19/09/2022 at "Zheravitsa" square is the city of Montana will be held Information campaign "From peers to peers" within the project "Yes be active and responsible", Dr. 2021-2-BG01-KA154-YOU-000040260 by program Erasmus +. As Chairman of the Association "Youth impulse for the future" we would like to you invite you to take part in the event with the transfer of skills to work with potter's wheels, as a practical activity aimed at the prevention of various forms of aggression and addictions among young people. In this way, we will achieve the goals not only of the "From Peers to Peers" Information Campaign, but also of the project as a whole. More information can be obtained by phone 0884 227 012, e-mail ml.poriv@mail.bg and on the project web page http://www.youth-crafts-folk.org.
Chiprovtsi - 3rd September
Chiprovtsi - 3rd September More information can be obtained by phone 0884 227 012, e-mail ml.poriv@mail.bg and on the project web page http://www.youth-crafts-folk.org.

Tourism product of the project - a documentary film about Burzia and Niš

Link to video with Bulgarian audio

Tourism product of the project - a documentary film about Burzia and Niš

Link to video with Serbian audio
Closing meeting - Nis, Serbia
At the final press conference on August 10, 2022. in the Media Center - Niš, Serbia, the results achieved during the implementation of the project activities together with the Serbian partner "DELI" were presented. The created tourism product was premiered for Serbia, namely a documentary film about Burzia, Bulgaria and Nis, Serbia to attract tourists to the two settlements through the created pottery studios and with their natural and public attractions. The film is dubbed in Serbian. After the press conference, the project teams from the Bulgarian and Serbian sides held a final two-day working meeting on the project. The total value of the project is 167,029.42 Euros. More information can be obtained by phone 0884 227 012, e-mail ml.poriv@mail.bg and on the project web page http://www.youth-crafts-folk.org.
Closing meeting - Nis, Serbia - gallery

The Consulate General of Bulgaria in Nis once again supported the dancers of the dance club "Burzia" Another participation of the dancers from the dance club "Burzia" in Serbia and once again honored with the support of our state abroad. In the presence of the Consul Ilija Bondzholov from the Consulate General of the Republic of Bulgaria in Nis, Serbia, Bulgarian folklore resounded along the river Nisava. Four years ago, during the participation of the dance club "Burziya" in a joint folklore experience with the artists from the KUD "Ivan Cvetkovic"-Grakinja, municipality of Gadzhin Han, Nisava region, again our Consulate General in Nis supported the dance club from Burziya. And now, on 18 and 19 June 2022, our country respected the Bulgarian participation in the fair "Folklore and Crafts" organized by the Serbian NGO "Deli" under the cross-border project "Craft Pottery for All". The first fair was held two weeks ago in the village of. It was organized by the leading organization of the project, the association "Youth Impetus for the Future" - Montana. The beauty of Bulgarian folklore delights the residents and guests of Nis, Serbia. The amphitheatrical stage on the banks of the river Nisava was the natural conductor of the traditions preserved for centuries by the Bulgarian and Serbian peoples. Along the riverside promenade, artisans presented their works at exhibition stands. The pleasant sight of ceramic art led people to the stage, where the dancers from the dance club "Brzija" - Brzija and the Folklore dance group "Sitnica" - Montana, together with Serbian dance and singing groups from the region of the city of Nis, conveyed to the audience their unique emotional charge. The radiant dancers and the richly coloured Bulgarian folk costume (especially the Shopa costume of the dance group from Berzia) combined with the wonderful dance movements gave the audience a real pleasure. At the end of July, a documentary film about Berzia and Niš is expected to be ready.


The fair was officially opened at noon on Saturday with the presence of guests, locals of the Fast and a delegation (32 people) from Nis, Serbia (project partners). Greetings to all made Todor Todorov - Chairman of the Board of the Association "Youth Moment for the Future" - Montana and project manager. Mrs. Anna Rangelova - Director of Primary School "G. Rakovski ”in the village of Barziya, Berkovitsa municipality, as well as Mr. Nenad Stojanovic from the Serbian NGO DELI, Nis - project partner in his words to those present expressed gratitude and satisfaction with everything happening and future opportunities for the development of the pottery studio , the school and the favorable environment for development for the local community of Barzia. Crafts such as cutlery, leatherwork and woodworking were presented at the exhibition tents with a variety of beautiful works. With a demonstration camp from Chiprovtsi for carpet weaving, the carpet weaving craft typical for the region was present. Grandma's sweetheart, that thin "thread" connecting the delicious dishes of the grandmother with the childhood and the memories of each older visitor touched Eli Lozanova, organizer of the festival "Grandma's soul". Ellie made a delicious stew in the cauldron and shared it with all the guests. "Potter's Dance" invited in the afternoon at 16.00 all those wishing to learn the variants of the dance presented by Hristo Ivanov - choreographer and founder of the Folk Dance Ensemble "Sitnitsa" Montana. Throughout the fair, the pottery studio built at the Fast School was open to visitors, many of whom sat on the potter's wheels and touched the magic of clay. Despite the limited time (within 5-6 o'clock in the afternoon and considering that the craft requires time and peace) 42 visitors from Montana, Berkovitsa, Sofia, Vratsa Varshets, Barzia and Nis managed to make interesting models on six wheels. The palette of folklore sounds, costume colors and beauty of dance steps was shown on the stage in the school yard. Fast Dance Club opened the program with pitchers and a bunch of horts. Performers from "Folkpalitra" - Sofia, Folk Club "Zheravitsa" - Montana, Folk Dance Ensemble "Sitnitsa" Montana, School of Bulgarian Folk Dance "Stoyanovi" - Montana, folk choir from the National Chitalishte "Petar Bogdan-1909" - Chiprovtsi and a dance group from Nis, Serbia also showed in a unique way their warmth and beautiful emotion to the audience. The host of the event was Petya Genova - journalist, historian, pedagogue, professional in the field of public speaking. Even the drops of spring rain, which caressed all those present at the fair at the end of the concert program failed to dilute the pleasant sensations of everything happening on the day of the event, but on the contrary gave freshness and water to all present, and the second fair. crafts next year FAST 2023. A jury of intellectuals: Nelly Vasileva, Asen Assenov and Dimitar Tomov observed the performances of the artists and presented them with plaques with the emblem of the festival at the end of each of their first performances. On the second day (May 29th), the Fast Pottery Studio brought together partners from the two project organizations: guests from Serbia and the Fast Dance Club. At the end of the meeting, a general photo was taken in front of the school entrance. Youth Urge for the Future Association would like to thank all the participants in the fair, technical staff, sound, lighting, medical insurance, fire insurance, security, catering, partners from Serbia and all people involved in the event!



“Младежки порив за бъдещето” НПО, Монтана в рамките на проект „Занаят Грънчарство за всички“ (№ CB007.2.12.018) финансиран от Програма за трансгранично сътрудничество ИНТЕРРЕГ–ИПП България-Сърбия 2014-2020 г., изпълняван съвместно с “ДЕЛИ-Пространство за творческа дейност” НПО, Ниш Сърбия КАНИ ВСИЧКИ ЖЕЛАЕЩИ ДА СЕ ПОСЕТЯТ ПАНАИР ФОЛКЛОР И ЗАНАЯТИ В БЪРЗИЯ, ОБЛАСТ МОНТАНА НА 28 – 29 МАЙ, 2022 Панаира ще бъде официално открит по обяд в събота. През първия ден гостите ще могат да видят на официална фолклорна програма и състезание между участниците танцьори за изпълнение на танци, посветени на занаяти и грънчарство. Ще се проведе и най-масовия открит урок за обучение по “Грънчарско хоро“. Панаира ще се съпътства от изложението на занаятчийски изделия, основно грънчарски. През втория ден ще се проведе публичен търг на грънчарски изделия за създаване на Фонд за подкрепа на общността и децата на Бързия. През цялото време всеки ще може да се разгледа обучителното грънчарско студио, създадено в училище „Раковски“ от проекта “Занаят грънчарство за всички“. По време на панаира ще има и други атрактивни развлечения. Повече информация и програма на интернет страницата: ttp://www.youth-crafts-folk.org Проектът е съфинансиран от ЕС чрез Програма ИНТЕРРЕГ-ИПП за трансгранично сътрудничество България-Сърбия 2014-2020г.

Launch of project Youth crafts folk

Project Activities Training Pottery Studios in Burzia, Montana district BG & Grkinja, Nishava district, RS Organizing training in pottery for making clay objects. Folklore dances for crafts; Folklore and Crafts fair in Burzia, Montana district, BG & Grkinja, Nishava district, RS; Promotion through media The project applies the approach of mirror activities in the rural settlements of Burzia (Montana BG) and Grkinja (Nishava, RS).